Our young restaurant was born out of the desire to enrich the culinary landscape of Rheinfelden and Northwestern Switzerland with exquisite, fine and hearty dishes.
Our cuisine combines influences of different culinary cultures, some of which are still little known in Switzerland. Originality and the orientation towards Swiss palates are not contradictory. It is important to us that all our food is freshly prepared – therefore we have chosen a small menu of selected dishes, which we periodically change and add to.
We attach great importance to an elegant presentation of the dishes, an appealing decoration of the tables and attention to detail.
Our outdoor seating in the historic Old Town offers a view of a medieval fortified tower, and the nest where a pair of storks raise their young in the summer.
The Bohème Art-Restaurant is meant to be more than a dining place. To appeal to all the senses, we curate small exhibitions of local artists in the restaurant. Art and culinary delights combine to create multi-sensory experiences and stimulate the imagination.
The Bohème Art-Restaurant itself becomes an art object that creates and evolves with the help of its staff and guests.
Under the name of Bohème Catering we offer meals for events of all sizes. A birthday party for 10 people, a wedding with 40 participants, or a corporate event with 100 people – we deliver a suitable offer that will enchant your guests with culinary creativity.
The taste experiences of the catering offer will take you to different corners of the world. Each dish tells a story and invites guests to enjoy flavors and aromas that reflect the essence of a particular culture or region. The menu is carefully crafted to offer a diverse selection and allow for culinary exploration. Upon request, we will provide appropriate thematic decorations and set up the venue in a festive manner.

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